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  Christian Aust 912866e261 Fix permission denied error on execution 1 hour ago
  Christian Aust b42198596e New command signature and Dockerfile 1 hour ago
  Christian Aust 74ea3eb8da Fix if there's no date header 1 hour ago
  Christian Aust ba1e563623 More vars filtered 1 hour ago
  Christian Aust 412401bb94 Set actual hostname 20 hours ago
  Christian Aust 1b87b3c490 Results to file 20 hours ago
  Christian Aust 5b6374b166 Does it help to reduce size? 23 hours ago
  Christian Aust ece6ab81a1 Exclude coverage results from docker image 23 hours ago
  Christian Aust 8a36ef1b7e A little more precision on result definition logic 23 hours ago
  Christian Aust 8e86bc105c Add result specs 23 hours ago
  Christian Aust b9048b6ce7 Fix XML errors (found by validating against XSD) 23 hours ago
  Christian Aust 6466901101 Improve Suite specs and coverage 1 day ago
  Christian Aust 14a1ce4931 Validate XML output against jUnit Schema, see https://github.com/windyroad/JUnit-Schema/blob/master/JUnit.xsd 1 day ago
  Christian Aust dd9c81727d Support target configuration in the JSON syntax 1 day ago
  Christian Aust 378b2df488 Only push on successful master branch builds 1 day ago
  Christian Aust d99f7471fd Docker pulls as shields.io badge - love it :-) 1 day ago
  Christian Aust 1674aba537 Typo 1 day ago
  Christian Aust 330c5164a6 Docker hub repo name 1 day ago
  Christian Aust faa7ad3c54 Push image to Docker hub 1 day ago
  Christian Aust 68323d8228 First Docker configuration 5 days ago
  Christian Aust 46630a253f Editorconfig settings 5 days ago
  Christian Aust 28afcee1a4 Improve README, give example of targets file 1 week ago
  Christian Aust 35ac0f73a3 Build deps for instaling new gems 1 week ago
  Christian Aust 237a32964e Build deps for instaling new gems 1 week ago
  Christian Aust f19753692f Add DNS tests, first tests for the Assrertions module 1 week ago
  Christian Aust e78731a325 Rename Ssl to all uppercase SSL 1 week ago
  Christian Aust 6ba7ba402b Fixed ssl expiration test 1 week ago
  Christian Aust 9cb41c91b7 Fix disappearing test msgs 1 week ago
  Christian Aust e12e46ae45 Logging, spec stubs 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust f1737413c4 Xml output to separate package, first somewhat meaningful xml result 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust bae5ee7309 [WIP] jUnit XML output 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust 5eb62d271e Add specs 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust 63a372df87 Add code coverage tests 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust db16fcb0f0 Fix rake 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust 349b6b5d60 install bundler 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust 3643aeb52b Build badge 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust cb14c8cc8d rspec, Drone CI 2 weeks ago
  Christian Aust fc8ba7deae Initial commit 2 weeks ago