Collection of my docker-compose configs for multiple applications.
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Docker file collection

I run a number of applications using Docker and Docker compose. These are the docker-compose files used to orchestrate my services.

In order to use the services, clone this repo into /opt/dockerfiles.

systemd integration

In order to have my apps started at boot time, there's a systemd template config for it. In order to use it, you need to run this command first:

ln -s /opt/dockerfiles/dc@.service /etc/systemd/system/dc@.service

After that you can use standard systemctl commands to control all services by their base directory name:

# enable the service daemsing
systemctl enable dc@daemsing

# disable the service drone
systemctl disable dc@drone

# start the service nextcloud
systemctl start dc@nextcloud

Application secrets

Some apps require base passwords or other secrets set from the environment. Usually this should mean .env files for docker-compose in case I did not forget to provide a template. But I try. :-)